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Richter adjustable motor mount for 30-180 cc engines
Richter adjustable motor mount for 30-180 cc engines

from 49,90 EUR

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Richter adjustable motor mount for 30-180 cc engines
Richter adjustable motor mount for 30-180 cc engines
Richter adjustable motor mount for 30-180 cc engines

, Richter "motor mount adjustable

In this embodiment, the rear wheels are provided with a fine thread M16x1.

In addition, spacers with a diameter of 16mm and a length of 50mm in the kit are included.

The thread can be screwed to about 15mm in each other.

A groove in the pin at about 7mm indicates the minimum length, so that the best possible force transmission takes place.

The bolt should be reduced prior to installation on rough length in a lathe.

This motor mount is very easy to adjust the exact distance between the bonnet and spinners.

Also, the sideways engine and crash in a small extent be corrected.

For the exact adjustment of the threaded standoffs should be well glued with thread lock.

The engine mount is designed for single-cylinder engines and boxer 30 - 180ccm. It is constructed so that the motor carrier is screwed to the four rubber parts nose bulkhead with M5 bolts. The brass spacer sleeves must be adjusted so as to retain the damping properties of the rubber stay. The gums are pressed together about 0.2-0.3 mm, and is not pressed as in the use of D-locomotives which the rubber together is hardly any vibration absorption occurs. The holder consists of twisted cover and in each of which Fußscheiben a spacer sleeve is inserted into a precisely cut. This will spacer sleeve and cover plates to form a unit. The motor mount is secure in the rubber elements., The difference from the old version is the that the rubber elements are not full area in the bore of the motor carrier sit, but are used with rubber nubs on the slight tension in the hole. Thus at the narrowest point on the transition from motor mount to the hull creates an optimal vibration absorption in crankshaft rotation, and not, as with the use of D-locomotives being squeezed this is exactly where the rubber. It, even with this motor mount hinged easily the carburetor linkage be. The bracket weighs about 100 grams and is therefore only about 40g heavier than when D-locomotives are used. The only difference in the installation of the new version is that the holes in the motor mount 16mm instead of 14mm are. Thus, all motor mounts, the old version with the new rubber elements are retrofitted (retrofit kit available for 15 ¤) The aluminum parts have a diameter of 32mm.Die build elements of nose bulkhead to the rear edge firewall to about 7mm. Advantage of this mount is:-preventing dangerous vibration tips, looks sound dampers,-the engine can be governed at idle much more than the use of a hydraulic mount (no shaking), this results in a smaller landing speed, no maintenance,-no departures from gums possible, so much safer. When installed correctly and no shaking of the model, as in the use of mounting pads is possible. The vibration sensor can be adjusted by the length of the spacer sleeves depending on the model. The spacers are designed for motor mounts of6 to 8mm. Smaller motors can also be fitted directly, and the rubber used in the nose bulkhead. Tests have shown that the use of such a support, with respect to a fixed mounting of the motor doubles the lifetime of the aileron servo gear about. There is a detailed installation instructions. In RC Groups Review there. All model flyers should incorporate into its expensive models ever to be highest security model to protect themselves and others from harm. This product is in great measure to this. Anyone who still doubts should let me think what does a servo gear!
This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday, 20. November 2012.

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