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DLE 222 Power 3D 4 cylinder boxer
DLE 222 Power 3D 4 cylinder boxer

from 1.800,00 EUR

Product No.:DLE 222

incl. 19 % Tax excl.

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DLE 222 Power 3D 4 cylinder boxer

The New Power Motor

DLE222 Power 3D 4 cylinder boxer

Technical data:

Displacement: 222.5 cc

Performance about 21.5 PS/7500 UPM

Minimum speed of 1000 rpm

Compression 7.6: 1

45mm bore x 35mm

Weight 4950 g

Weight with two firings and two damper 5610 g

Pitt incl smoke damper connection they are already in the price.

Recommended Propeller:
Seyer Propeller / Prop wood
32/10, 32/12, 34/10

CDI ignition system with electronic
Ignition timing.
MC microcomputer controlled ignition system from 4.8 to 7 volts,
Output voltage 10 KV voltage at 4.0 volts
Output voltage of 12-16 kV voltage at 4.8 volts
Output voltage 35 kV voltage at 6.0 volts
NiCd / NiMH 4 cell 4.8 v> 500mA
Nicd / NiMh 5-cell 6.0 v> 800mA
Li-Fe (A123) 2 cells 6.6 v> 1000mA
Li-Fe Battery 6.6V 2300mA (A123) ACP
Li-Poly 2 cells and other battery power only with Limiter 5.0 V-6, 0v.
30 mA / 0 UPM
450mA/3000 UPM
650mA/8000 UPM
Operating temperature -10 C - 85 C
Sensor -45 C - 150 C
Adjustment range 4 - 35
Spark plug: NGK CM-6, Champion Y-82, ACP-CM-6
Weight: 155 g
Spiral tube several times to protect the ignition cables.

Suitable ignition battery: Li-Fe Battery 6.6V 2300mAh

Stock available now!

DLE222 Power 3D engine B4,

Discount special

Service and full warranty is included in the same price.
All engines are original engines, each engine has a manufacturer's No it is registered with the supplier and with us in order to document each motor.
We get our motors from the charge of Germany Inporteur George Khuri from Berlin.
This Product was added to our catalogue on Saturday, 14. May 2011.

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