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Meguiar´s MIRROR GLAZE 8
Meguiar´s MIRROR GLAZE 8

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Meguiar´s MIRROR GLAZE 8
Meguiar´s MIRROR GLAZE 8

Meguiar's Mirror Glaze 8

It is a silicone-free, pasty, external release agents based on special formulations of carnauba wax, wax art and thermosets. The paste-like hard wax allows for easy and safe application using wool cloth or towel for a particularly large number Demolding cycles per job especially when used for polyester or epoxy-negative forms and master patterns, tooling and Forms of production while maintaining a potential high-quality surface gloss image.

(separating wax) equalized the micro pores of the mold surface.


After a short time on the mold with a clean cloth with gentle pressure streak-free polish. Newly created forms should repeat this process 5-6 times to a certain layer thickness of REAS. Mirror Glaze 8 ensures proper and safe removal from the mold while maintaining the surface gloss image both the original model as well as the negative form of fiberglass.


Particularly suitable for the multiple release of complicated parts, such as Castings and laminates of Polyesterharzund Epoxy resin.

Package size: 310g
This Product was added to our catalogue on Thursday, 24. February 2011.

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